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Azomures promises tens of million dollar investments to curb pollution

The Minister of Environment and Forestry Borbely Laszlo told a press conference in Targu Mures (central Romania) on Thursday that he discussed with SC Azomures SA management about an investment offer meant to curb the pollution starting with 2011 until 2015.

Borbely said he had a meeting with the Turkish employers of chemical fertilizers producer SC Azomures SA, namely the Board of Directors’ Chairman Fuat Kalgay and Azomures vice president Yetkin Erman and he was extremely pleased to discover that they all had expressed their intention of investing 22 million dollars in equipment until 2011.

‘Another additional investment worth 116 million dollars, lasting until 2015, is more complex, aiming to the complete upgrading and re-tooling of two ammonia and one urea facilities. In the end, the ultimate purpose of these investments will be to build a new granulating facility, so that all gas and ammonia emissions should be totally avoided.
I do hope these written commitments will prove that people in the production facility have understood they cannot keep on fining and arguing with us (…) I hope this problem will be settled as soon as possible,’ stated Borbely.

He added he had always taken sides with those revolted against the air quality in Targu Mures and believed this problem should have been settled a long time ago, that is, upon issuing the environmental permit. ‘I have asked for a notification and I received an entire file from the Environmental Protection Agency in Sibiu, proving the following: the integrated environmental permit granted in 2007 was a very generous one for the investor and the production facility.

If they knew in 2007 that this was the problem the production facility was facing, the Environmental Protection Agency should have asked the investor ‘ what are you going to do about reducing the pollution level in 2009, 2010 or 2011, not 2015?’ In other words, the integrated environmental permit proves that the production facility’s commitment to reducing the pollution level is only partially observed and thus, further additional investments are necessary.
Due to a citizens’ revolt last year, the number of control actions increased, more fines were given and they started to review the integrated environmental permit,’ Borbely said.


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