Building of Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral to start in Aug, Patriarchy informs

The building works at the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral will start in Aug, this year, as scheduled by the agenda of the Patriarchal Administration’s specialty department.

The works have initially been due to start in April 2009, but have been postponed. The building works are expected to take four years, except the finishing stage. The new worship place will have a capacity of about 5,000 people, being five times larger than the current Patriarchal Cathedral. The project also includes an esplanade to hold a large number of believers.

Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church Daniel said in autumn of 2008, when it began the geo-technical survey for the land of the future cathedral, to be erected on the Arsenal Hill, in Bucharest, that it would not be a giant cathedral but a balanced and harmonious church, of appropriate size.

HB Daniel used to say that the future worship place would bring together all the Romanian tenets in the symbol to be represented in the Cathedral’s porch, which is designed as a chalice to begin right from the middle of the porch, so that the cathedral will look ‘ like a church held in a chalice.‘

‘Each Romanian province will be represented in the porch by a vault and a painting showing a saint, the same like the saint patron of the most representative church of that province. And we will leave enough place for the symbol saints of every large Romanian communities in the diaspora, such as those living in Spain, Italy, Canada or the United States,’ Patriarch Daniel said, adding that ‘ who visits the Cathedral will visit the entire Romania, spiritually speaking.’

The building works of the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral are expected to cost 400 million euros, half of the money being allocated for the building itself and the second half for the finishing, the paintings, the decorations and the electricity and the heating system.


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