Culture minister seeks cooperation with Wallonie-Brussels French Community

Romanian Culture Minister Hunor Kelemen wants to forge cooperation on cinematography between Romania and Wallonie-Brussels French Community.
‘We could concretely introduce in a specific bilateral agreement on culture also the possibility of cinema co-productions and let the specialists set the professional details of such cooperation.

We’d also like to conduct an experience swap on heritage protection, with this being a priority area for the ministry’, Hunor Kelemen said at an official meeting on Thursday with Fabienne Reuter, the delegate of Wallonie-Brussels French Community in Bucharest.

The two officials discussed the possibilities for extending the cooperation on culture, given that the Cooperation Agreement between the Romanian Government on the one hand and the Government of the Belgium-based French Community and the Wallonie Government on the other hand signed in Bucharest in 1998 calls for the every two years renewal of the programmes related to the document implementation and that expires at the end of this year.

The culture minister showed readiness for Romania, by the culture ministry, to get involved in the implementation of the four main cultural coordinates indicated by the future Belgian presidency of the European Union due after mid-2010, that were unveiled by the Wallonie-Brussels French Community delegate in Bucharest during the meeting.

They relate to the development of cultural-creative industries, the protection of the European heritage, the working out of the post-2010 European cultural plan and an enhanced role of culture in the fight against social exclusion and poverty. Hunor Kelemen also stressed the draft bilateral agreement should be drawn up as soon as possible, so that it may be implemented adequately starting in 2011; it should include concrete proposals for the next two or three years, he said.

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