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Dacia car sales are up by 20.5 percent, in 2009

The French carmaker Renault announced, on Thursday, that 311,332 Dacia cars (automobiles plus light commercial vehicles) were sold last year, up by 20.5 percent compared with 258,372 units sold in 2008, according to the annual results communicated by the Renault automotive group.

Thanks to the governmental programmes for the support of the automotive market, Dacia car sales increased by 91.1 percent, up to 214.431 units in 2009, compared with 112,195 units in 2008.
Regarding Dacia models ranking, Sandero has become the most popular Dacia model, with 151,206 units sold in 2009, compared with 38,921 units sold in 2008. In exchange, the Logan Dacia vehicle sales dropped to 158,251 units in 2009 from 218,887 units in 2008.

Dacia, a company established 42 years ago, was taken over by Renault in 1999. In 2009, the star of the Romanian exports on the German market was the Dacia car line with over 85,000 units sold in 2009, and the estimates indicate the sales of another 55,000 units for 2010.
“About 85,000 Logan and Sandero Dacia cars were delivered last year on the German market, plus another 5,000 units that the Germans bought from Romania,” Counsellor Minister at Romania‘s Embassy to Germany Vladimir Ciobanasu told last month.

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