EU project to promote wood civilization of Bukovina

County Council (CJ) of Suceava (north-east) in partnership with the town hall of Campulung Moldovenesc (east) and the local action group will launch, this year, the travel project dubbed ‘ Route of the Wood in Bukovina, from Ancient Old Forests of Slatioara to Resonance Wood for Musical Instruments.’

Suceava CJ president Gheorghe Flutur said on Thursday that the wood civilization of Bukovina can become an important holiday destination, the project including sightseeing places such as the century-old forests of Slatioara, the Museum of the Wood in Campulung Moldovenesc, craftsmen making musical instruments of the resonance wood from the forests of Bukovina, but also the rafting on the Bistrita river.

At the same time, Flutur announced that, in 2010, in cooperation with the CJ Neamt (east) it would be promoted the project on upgrading of the county road 209B linking villages like Malini (Suceava County) and Borca (Neamt County), the so-called Road of the Talians, which Vitoria Lipan, the main character of the novel Baltagul (The Hatchet) by Mihail Sadoveanu, was going along in search for her missing husband.

Flutur underscores that this road has a particular tourism importance and it will enhance the tourism value of the area, including in its sightseeing circuit the village of Malini where there is also a ski track.
The road is 55 km long and the project is to get 14.7 km asphalted, in the Suceava County and more 18 km in the Neamt County. CJ Suceava president stressed that the project would be financed on governmental funds through the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism.


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