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Feasibility study for undersea cable to link Romania with Turkey, to be ready in May 2010

Feasibility Study for the undersea power cable to interconnect Romania and Turkey will be completed in May 2010, the head of Department for corporate strategy, which is a capital market within Transelectrica, Razvan Purdila, told a press conference on Thursday.

‘The feasibility study for the undersea electrical wiring to link Romania with Turkey will be completed in May 2010, following investors to be selected to develop the project,’ he said. He also said the feasibility study for the interconnection cable between Romania and Serbia is to be completed in August 2010.

‘The feasibility study for interconnection with Serbia will be completed in August, while the electrical line Suceava – Balti, to link Romania with Moldova, is scheduled to end in April 2010, Purdila added.
Transelectrica signed in June with Vattenfall Power Consultant AB from Sweden the service contract for developing the feasibility study, including the environment study and the terms of references for the project ‘Submarine cable Romania – Turkey (HVDC link)’, the contract value being 1.24 million euros.

The idea of this project was the subject of preliminary understanding between the authorities in Romania and Turkey and aims to facilitate electricity trade between the two countries, primarily to meet higher demands in power consumption in Turkey, as well as to better capitalize Romania’s export potential, a potential that is significantly growing due to new greenfield projects developed in the Dobrogea area.

Transelectrica is the transport and system operator of Romania, which manages, operates, maintains, upgrades and develops transportation network consisting of 78 electrical transformer stations with a capacity of 35,000 MVA and 8,990 kilometres of overhead power lines 110 / 220 kV, 400 kV and 750 kV, managed by eight transportation branches.


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