Geoana: PSD wants truth about Revolution and miners’ riots

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) wants to find the truth about the Revolution and the miners’ riots, shows the political project of party leader Mircea Geoana, who runs for re-election at the PSD Congress on February 20.

In the document entitled ‘Together Towards Future’ Geoana proposes the PSD to assume the role of condemning communism. In a separate chapter, the PSD leader brings into discussion the idea of leaving the past behind, which as he underlines it, must not represent a barrier for the future. ‘The PSD passionlessly assumes its past and builds its future without having a historical complex.

Labels and accusations meant to leave the impression of a moral and collective guilt related to communism or the miners’ riots are false, and must be energetically fought against. At the same time, we have to be firmer in asserting and assuming what is written in our statute – promoting the ideals of the Romanian Revolution in 1989,’ shows the document. Geoana thus reaffirms that the PSD observes the National Reconciliation Act signed in Timisoara (western Romania).

‘In this respect, PSD wants to find the truth about the Revolution and the miners’ riots. These are three wounds of the past and it’s time we healed them. We will do that by promoting dialogue not by political executions. The PSD will distance itself from any member whose guilt is to be proved in Court and not insinuated during the denigration campaigns launched by the political adversaries,’ the PSD leader’s project says.

Within the same document, which is about to be completed, the PSD is shown as fighting for independent justice and is supporting, without any hesitations, a transparent public life and the fight against corruption. ‘The justice independence does not mean to slow down the research activities, or to use the files as a blackmail tool or use the state institutions within the political war. The fight against corruption must be brought to Court and not to the newspapers’ front pages.

The PSD will distance itself from any member who is finally and irrevocably convicted for penal offences. Equally, PSD will take a stand against any attack in which the files are used as media pressure, either when are talking about a PSD member or when not, be they party leaders or mere local councilors,’ the document says.

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  1. Stanciu Nicolae spune

    Cum este posibil ca fiul unui fost general de securitate sa fie si sa candideze pentru functie de presedinte al partidului social democrat . Acest individ care vorbeste fara noima , gura op ia inaintea mintii , mincinos de pute .
    Dupa opinia mea toti hotii de pe timpuri trebuiau impuscati cum au facut ei cand au venit la putere .
    Maidanezul nostru de primar vrea presedinte al PSD . Nu-l stiti?
    Se pare ca si tacsu a fost securist…. Mazare…papagalu….
    Stanciu Nicolae

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