Legal Resource Centre: Equalization of retirement age standards is discriminatory

The provision of the bill on unitary public pension system on equalizing the retirement age standard for men and women at 65 years is discriminatory against women, representative of the Legal Resource Centre, Delia Luiza Nita, anti-discrimination programme manager said on Wednesday.

In a debate on the draft law on the unitary public pension system, organised by the Committee on Equal chances for women and men in the Chamber of Deputies, the viewpoint of the Centre for Legal Resources was that ‘ compulsory retirement at 65 years would be discriminatory to women because, in Romania, men and women have equal conditions of life and no equal roles, including in the family.’

‘Considering only the family, and the women’s role equals two and sometimes even three jobs, plus their contribution to the labour market, therefore it is reasonable to consider that women and men should have different retirement ages,’ said Delia Luiza Nita.
She also added that it may be beneficial for women to retire at the same age as the man, but this should only be one of the options for women, for thus we will truly encourage the equal chances between women and men, on the labour market.

‘Our organisation’s stand is that options should be possible bottom up, meaning that the current mandatory retirement age to remain and women to be able to opt for 65 years too, but only if they want. It is also very important no bureaucratic obstacles to impede this option from becoming reality, it is important the process to be simple, without many approvals to be needed for women to retire, so that any pressure and possibilities of blackmail and corruption be eliminated from the start,’ said the representative of the Legal Resource Centre.

The government on Wednesday approved the draft law on the unitary system of public pensions, to be submitted to Parliament with a request to be debated and adopted under emergency procedure, so that the law to take effect from January 2011. Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection Mihai Seitan said that the bill provides further gradual increase and equalization of the retirement age standard for men and women at 65 until 2030.

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