PM Boc: Romania is interested to speed up cooperation with France

Romania is interested in speeding up cooperation with France, both at the bilateral level and as regards the current files on the European agenda, such as EU 2020 Strategy, the new financial prospect of the Union, climatic changes, energy security, is the conclusion of the meeting between Prime Minister Emil Boc and the secretary of state for European Affairs with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, on Thursday, at the Victoria governmental Palace.

On this occasion, the head of the Romanian Government empowered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Milieu to analyse the perspectives of intensification of the bilateral exchanges at economic level, since France is the third commercial partner of Romania and the fourth foreign investor in our country.

During the meeting, the two high officials reviewed the targets set by both sides within the strategic partnership between Romania and France, with an accent upon the furthering and speeding up of the Romanian-French cooperation and the updating of the route-map to the future inter¬governmental summit at the end of this year’s first half-year.

“Cooperation, to Romania, based on pragmatism and efficiency within the strategic partnership with France is a major priority”, Prime Minister Emil Boc said.
An important issue on the meeting’s agenda was aimed at the measures considered by the Romanian authorities to prevent and discourage the Roma ethnics of Romanian citizenship’s criminality on the French territory.

PM Boc underlined the availability of the Romanian authorities to explore new directions of cooperation at the institutional and police level, with measures in the social field for the social reinsertion of the ones who return to Romania included, with the full observance of the European legislation in the field and the free circulation principle.

In this respect, PM Boc announced he would nominate a secretary of state with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection who, under the coordination of the Labour minister and the Prime Minister, will watch the implementation of the social reinsertion measures of those who return to Romania and the use of the European funds allotted to the social programmes, so that the people who come back home should not be tempted anymore to leave the country and break the law in other countries.
“We carry zero tolerance to criminality.
The law must be enforced, equally and firmly, irrespective the citizenship and ethnicity”, the Prime Minister Emil Boc added.

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