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PM Boc says not afraid of no-confidence vote

Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday said he is not afraid of the opposition taking a no-confidence vote in its Cabinet, or the trade unions’ street protests, although in October 2009 his then Cabinet was ousted on a no-confidence vote against a draft public pension law.

‘Look at me: I am a man who fell with the Government in October 2009 because of a draft pension law, so is there anything that would frighten me? Nothing can frighten me. I am prepared for everything,’ Boc told OTV commercial channel. In relation to the statement by chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana that the opposition will call a vote of no confidence against the new draft public pension law, Boc likened the threat to the red code alert in meteorology.

‘That would be red code alert, but for now there is only one yellow code alert out and we will do what we have to do for Romania and for the 22 million Romanians, no matter who is threatening us,’ said Boc. PSD says it might call for a vote of no confidence if Parliament passes the draft pension law as drawn up by the Government.

‘If the Romanian Parliament passes the draft public pension law that the Government submitted today, I will suggest to the PSD National Executive Committee to initiate a vote of no-confidence in this Government. It is fully unacceptable that the reference computation point for the public pensions be disconnected from the gross industrial wage, as provided for in the new draft,’ Geoana said on Wednesday.


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