Romania participates in Berlin Film Festival with several productions

Romania participates with several film productions in the sixtieth Berlin International Film Festival, out of which mention should be made of “If I Want to Whistle I Whistle!’ (directed by Florin Serban), a candidate for the Golden Bear and Silver Bear trophies.

According to the Nine O’Clock website, Romania will also participate in the Short Film Section, with the “Birdcage” by Adrian Sitaru, and “Derby” by Paul Negoescu. The “Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man,” produced by Constantin Popescu, will also participate in the Forum category.

Actor Dragos Bucur will be one of the 10 young European actors selected to take part in the Shooting Stars programme, unfolding over February 13-15. Shooting Stars is a European initiative which proposes to promote the year’s most talented young European actors for whom encounters with dedicated colleagues are facilitated, as well as with famous directors and producers.

The Romanian Film Promotion Association (APFR) will also attend the event with a special exhibition, through which it will try to promote national productions and directors. During the festival, APFR will organize a traditional Romanian party to which important personalities of the filmmaking industry were invited.

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