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Singapore authorities summon Silviu Ionescu to inquiry

Singapore authorities summoned diplomat Silviu Ionescu to the inquiry, also wishing that Romania‘s Embassy to Singapore driver comes as a witness in this judiciary procedure.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told that Romania‘s Ambassador to Tokyo Aurelian Neagu went on Thursday to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore and received two verbal notes.
“One verbal note addresses the request to inform Mr. Silviu Ionescu over the period when the final judiciary procedure, named Coroner’s Inquiry, will take place, specific for the legal system in Singapore and the fact that Mr. Silviu Ionescu is summoned to this inquiry in Singapore.

The second verbal note refers to Singapore authorities asking the accord of the Romanian side, so that Romania‘s Embassy to Singapore driver is present as a witness in this inquiry”, the Ministry informed.
The Foreign Ministry decided the suspension, starting with February 4, 2010 of the labor contract with Silviu Ionescu on the duration of criminal proceedings launched by prosecutors with the Section for Criminal Investigations.

They started the criminal investigations in the case of Silviu Ionescu, former Charge d’Affaires ad interim of Romania to Singapore, for homicide, leaving the accident scene and false declarations.
From the investigation it resulted that, on December 15, 2009, Ionescu, driving a car belonging to the Romanian Embassy, hit two pedestrians crossing on green lights an intersection. According to PICCJ, Silviu Ionescu run from the place of the accident and continued to drive the vehicle, subsequently producing another accident, when a person was wounded. One of the three victims died as a result of the serious injuries following the first road accident the other two suffered injuries.

After the two accidents Ionescu called the Singapore Police telling that his car parked in front of Romania’s Embassy was stolen. Prosecutors said this does not correspond to reality.
Singapore Police announced it considers Silviu Ionescu as a suspect for the accident of Dec. 15 after a taxi driver said he took Ionescu from a place close to where the Embassy’s car was found abandoned. The driver said that Ionescu called the police from his taxi, to announce that his car was stolen.

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