Two Romanians involved in opening show of Vancouver Winter Olympics

Two Romanians of the central city of Sfantu Gheorghe, who some months ago put up a laser show in the central square of the city to celebrate the city’s days, are now the masterminds of the light spectacle to be mounted in the opening show of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, daily Gandul reports.

They were also the brains behind the New Year’s Eve mega laser show in Central Park, New York and the light show that marked the 2008 release of BMW’s Mini Cooper. Nagy Stefan Szilamer, 29, and Rakosfalvy Zsolt, 30, set up their own company, Savvy SRL, three years ago. In 2010 they are competing against the company of a US multimillionaire to become the world’s leaders in the area of software that coordinates laser mega-shows.

Gandul says world leaders now are the US company, with a 20-year business experience, and Savvy SRL. The software is used in conjunction with a German business partner, who have the necessary hardware to mount the mega-shows.

The software developed by Savvy SRL has so far been used to control various laser shows at important world’s events, including the opening of luxury hotels in Dubai, the release of the BMW Mini Cooper model in Germany and the New Year’s Eve countdown in Central Park, New York.
The program developed by the two Romanians will guide the sky movement of the laser beams to be shot at the opening show of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

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