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Union leaders should be incompatible with holding a parliamentary seat

Democrat Liberal Party senators Radu F. Alexandru and Iulian Urban have come up with a legislative initiative, made public on Thursday, which stipulates that the offices of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer of the trade union federations and confederations are to become incompatible with holding a parliamentary office.

The two propose an amendment to the Law 161/2003 on some measures aimed at securing transparency when exerting public dignities, public office and in the business field by introducing the lawmaker incompatibility with holding an office at the trade unions helm. “Very often, because of partisan party interests or even personal interests, union leaders occupied or occupy parliamentary seats, the conflict of interests and incompatibility being more than obvious”, says the explanatory headnote preceding the bill.

Radu F. Alexandru and Iulian Urban also submitted another legislative act draft, of amending the Trade unions law by introducing the interdiction for the union leaders from the companies having the state as major shareholder to also occupy the job of administrator, or majority shareholder in a commercial company running contracts with the company in which they hold the union positions.

“More often than not the leaders of some trade unions in various activity fields serve at the same time as administrators and shareholders of the companies running businesses with the companies where the trade union is. You can realize how easily it is to exert some pressure on the respective company to accept, for instance, a cut in rent for a kiosk or for another advantage pretended by the union leader company, if the leader could mobilize at whim the unionists to take part in strike type moves with the sole and hidden purpose to protect his own interests”, underlined the legislative project initiators.


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