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44,000 tonnes of GM maize consumed in Romania, in the latest 3 years

Romanian farmers who cultivated genetically modified maize over 2007-2009 succeeded to obtained a total harvest of about 44,000 tonnes, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agency for Environmental Protection.

In Romania, GM maize was cultivated on a total surface of 10,572 hectares. The MON810 maize is a genetically modified organism (GMO) produced and patented by the U.S. agrochemical corporation Monsanto, marketed in Romania under the brand YieldGuard Romania. Cultivation of this GMO is prohibited in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg and Greece. Other 15 countries in the EU, although they did not put a ban, they decided not to cultivate it.

In Romania, the first impact assessments of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on human health could be made this year, after March 1, according to the media.
Major dailies in Bucharest have published these days the announcement made by an organisation interested to asses the risks associated with GMOs on human health.
At their meeting on March 2, 2009, Environment Ministers from EU established member states should decide themselves whether to grow genetically modified maize MON810 or not.

Several months later, in June, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that genetically modified maize MON810, banned in six European Union countries, is not dangerous, nor for the human health and nor for the environment.
EFSA allowed European Commission to propose to member states a renewal of the authorization granted in 1998 for import and cultivation of MON 810, produced by U.S. company Monsanto.


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