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ForMin Baconschi: We hope Viktor Yanukovych will observe his pact with the minorities

Romania’s Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi has stated that Ukraine’s President-elect Viktor Yanukovych entered a ‘moral pact’ with Ukraine’s national minorities during his electioneering and voiced hope that the new Ukrainian chief of state will observe the pact.

‘Mr. Yanukovych entered a kind of moral pact with the national minorities of Ukraine during his electioneering campaign and we hope he will live by it. We also hope that in the case of other relationships, for instance with Russia, we will be able to avoid the situation in which we cannot see the forest for the trees.
There are some sensitive issues being discussed, some potentially litigious themes, but then there is a higher area for efficient cooperation and we rather occupy a constructive area in our bilateral relation with Ukraine,’ Baconschi told Romania’s public radio station on Thursday.

As regards Romania’s relationship with Russia, Baconschi mentioned that this is ‘major, fundamental and unavoidable for Romania, both in geographic, geopolitical, strategic and historic terms.’
‘Romania has a long common history with Russia, with both good and tragic events. We should not look to the past only. I think the time has come for us to cooperate massively with the Russian Federation, which is a strong regional player, both in terms of energy resources and in terms of an ever developing huge domestic market,’ said Baconschi.

Before the first round of the recent presidential election in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych entered an agreement with the organisation representing the interests of the Romanian community of Ukraine under which he pledged to win the status of official language for Romanian a regional level, in exchange for the Romanian community endorsing him for president, according to Ukrainian media.


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