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Intelligence Service chief: Anti-missile shield boosts national security

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) director George Cristian Maior said on Friday the future placing of an anti-missile shield in Romania represents ‘a very significant development in terms of boosting national security’.

‘The fact that Romania will host elements of this anti-missile shield from 2015 is a very significant development in terms of boosting national security. This is where we should start from, even when assessing the potential risks or perception problems that might arise in relation to this development.
We start from the fact that we are going to have extra security, because the strategic reality shows us – and we must look at things in perspective, on a medium- and long-term – that the threat of short-range or medium-range ballistic missiles will become an increasingly acute matter.

We were unshielded from this viewpoint and this thing closes a cupola – both abstractly and technologically speaking – over Romania in front of this threat’, Maior told the public radio station. He stressed the shield also has NATO’s implicit agreement and added he did not believe that any other similar facility belonging to the alliance would be needed.

‘There is obviously the issue of NATO, of extending the shield elements, which anyway exist in the NATO states. Maybe south-east Europe has been an exception from this viewpoint so far.
Therefore, there is the issue of also creating a NATO anti-missile shield, which was discussed at the alliance summit in Bucharest. I don’t think there will be a second shield, I think there is the possibility that this shield be absorbed in the NATO anti-missile concept both in terms of command and control’, the SRI chief said.

Maior confirmed that there is indeed the potential of threats, regardless of the setting up or development of the anti-missile shield in the Romanian territory, as there already are U.S. military facilities in Romania.
‘Romania is seriously taking part in various operations, in Afghanistan, Romania is part of a military alliance, therefore we’ll never be exempt from threats, including terrorist threats. /…/ The issue is that we should be able to anticipate such events, to counter them’, Maior stressed.


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