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Number of cases at Bucharest Court of Appeal shows alarming increase

The number of case files registered with Bucharest Court of Appeal (CAB) jumped in 2009 by 100,000 compared to a year earlier, under conditions in which there is a staff deficit, of court judges, stated on Friday the former CAB president Dan Lupascu, member of the Upper Magistracy Council, on the occasion of the survey meeting of this judicial body.

Dan Lupascu said that this increase is due to the law change, as well as to Romania’s Constitutional Court ruling on repossessions. “Of the 2,400,000 case files countrywide, CAB has to deal with a number of 460,000 files”, stressed Dan Lupascu. He also referred to the various number of staff employed by the justice courts all over the country.

“For instance, Alba Iulia Court of Appeal, with 276 judges, has to tackle 116,000 case files, whereas the Bucharest tribunal had more than 105,000 case files at a number of 81 judges”, added Dan Lupascu. Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu, present in the meeting, stated that the Bucharest Court of Appeal staff work a lot and underlined that “the situation is not as bad as people might think”.
“We must take care of the communication side, as well”, pointed out Catalin Predoiu, voicing hope that the courts of appeal vacancies could be filled in.


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