PM Boc announces Govt to support companies hiring jobless

Prime Minister Emil Boc announced in Ploiesti (60 km north of Bucharest), on Friday, that two emergency ordinances would be adopted, during the coming two weeks, one on the support to be granted to the public administrations through governmental guarantees for co-financing the EU projects, and the second to support the companies hiring jobless people.

‘Taking into account that some local communities lack financial resources, through governmental guarantees, we’ll offer the opportunity that the EU-funded projects which, the local communities ask, should benefit from the state’s guarantee,’ PM Boc told a news conference. Another ordinance supporting the companies hiring jobless people will be also passed Romania’s Premier added.

These companies will be granted fiscal facilities such as exemption from the social security payment, for a certain period of time. Through this ordinance and the tax incentives we hope to save ten thousand jobs namely the companies will be encouraged to hire jobless people during these downturn times,’ said PM Boc.

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