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Romania, France draw up common plan for Gypsies’ social re-insertion

The Romanian-French Working Group on the social inclusion and the management of the migration flows held its first meeting on Friday, with the participants deciding to draw up a roadmap that should include the principles relating to the management of these problems, the fields of action and the persons responsible for their implementation for both sides, the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced.

‘The Roma issues are of a European level, since other countries are facing the same situation too, not only Romania. Therefore, it is a good thing to also find support on a European level to solve it. We are going to make concrete moves, in the common action plan, in order to prevent and combat crime, to re-insert the Roma into the society and to protect the minors. There is the political will in Romania to tackle this problem’, State Secretary for European affairs Bogdan Mazuru said in the end of the meeting.

The meeting chaired by Mazuru and State Secretary at the French Foreign Ministry Pierre Lellouche was also attended by officials of the two administrations tasked with combating crime, tackling migration, education and social protection.
State Secretary at the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) Marian Tutilescu announced that the ministry will extend the two Romanian police officers’ secondment at the Paris Prefecture.

The MAI will make an assessment in order to see to what extent there is need to second officers to the other cities as well. The MAI will also continue to collaborate on the moves to combat the human trafficking, Tutilescu said.
State Secretary at the Romanian Labour Ministry Valentin Mocanu unveiled the measures already being taken to re-insert the Gypsies in the job market.

The Education Ministry is conducting a range of programmes meant to ease the ethnic Roma children’s access to education, such as training teachers to teach in Romany, setting up classes teaching in Romany; there is a number of positions especially created for the young ethnic Roma in high schools and universities; there is a programme targeting the pre-school children and their parents meant to encourage the kids’ going to kindergartens.

Romania and France have set up a common working group dedicated to social inclusion and to the management of the migration flows, Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi announced at a joint news conference with visiting French State Secretary Lellouche on Thursday.


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    transmit un mesaj pt agentia nationala pt romi sint niste hoti care maninca bani tiganilor 32 milioane de euro se duc in buzunarele celor din agentie si nimeni nu ia nici o masure

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