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Romanian-French joint working group for migration flow management

Romania and France established a joint working group devoted to social inclusion and migration flow management, whose first session will be held on Friday and will be jointly chaired by Foreign Affairs Secretary of State Bogdan Mazuru and by his French counterpart Pierre Lellouche.

The announcement was made on Thursday by Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi during a joint press conference with Pierre Lellouche, who is currently on a visit to this country. The two officials agreed to also make operational the working group on energy security and Black Sea cooperation.
Minister Baconschi described the Romanian community in France in positive terms, indicating that, in his capacity as Romania’s former Ambassador in Paris, he was well acquainted with it.

“It is a high-quality human and professional community, which includes specialists in all fields, but it is also an academic community of 6,000 students attending the great schools,” he said.
On the other hand, he admitted that “there are certain physiological problems,” “natural ones,” referring to law breaking inside some of the Romanian communities, especially among the Romanian citizens of Roma ethnicity.

“Our position is clear: total intolerance with respect to law breaking and the will to approach this issue of law breaking among the groups that migrated to France by observing the spirit of European laws,” added Baconschi.

The Romanian official said he was aware of the fact that this issue had a negative potential on Romania’s image and announced that the authorities in Bucharest would send, apart from the internal affairs attachés and the magistrates present in France, policemen to work in cooperation with the French party, with the purpose of limiting the law breaking level of the groups in question.

“We believe that the ratification, as soon as possible, of the bilateral agreement on cooperating for the protection of unaccompanied Romanian minors will support this ambition,” stressed Teodor Baconschi.
In his turn, Pierre Lellouche underlined the fact that France had always been Romania’s first advocate in Europe and voiced joy for Romania being part of the European Union.

The French official also referred to the issues relating to the Roma migration both in his country, as well as in other countries. In this respect, he proposed putting an end to human trafficking and strengthening the judicial and police cooperation between the two countries.


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