Romanian Police match EU human resources standards

The revision of the human resources management system in the Romanian Police, as well as strengthening the career development system represented the main objective of the ‘Improving Human Resources Management in the Romanian Police’ project, carried out under the EU Transition Facility programme.

‘The project was a human resources managementradiography of the Romanian Police. The final conclusion was that everything related to the human resources management system in the Romanian Police matches the European Union police standards. This was a pleasing conclusion,’ Inspector General of the Romanian Police’s General Inspectorate Petre Toba told a news conference marking the completion of the project.

He also added that, given Romania’s preparations for the Schengen area accession, there are still things which need improvement, such as personnel selection, enrollment, promotion, initial and in-service training. Toba also underlined the good cooperation between the human resources specialists in the Romanian Police and the experts taking part in the programme.

The project lasted for 12 months, from February 2009 to February 2010 with a total budget of 698,718.40 euros, out of which 648,718,40 euros funds provided under the Transition Facility programme and 50,000 euros from national co-financing.
The ‘Improving Human Resources Management in the Romanian Police’ project aimed to revise the performance assessment system and to adopt the Romanian Police Strategy in the field of education and training, as the foundation for the activities carried out in police schools.

Another objective of the project was to implement the module-based education and training systems within the Police and to adopt the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for Police Schools. The project also focused on curricula and training materials revision at all training levels, on the basis of the member states’ good practices.

Attending the project final conference were the Head of the Schengen Department in the Ministry of Administration and Interior Marian Tutilescu, Inspector General Toba, Markus Fershli the project leader from the partners in Austria, Ulrich Dugas the Agency for European Integration and Economic Development (AEI) expert and the RTA counterpart, police chief commissioner Madalina Argesanu.

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