Romanians killed in car crash in Bulgaria were probably going skiing

The five Romanian citizens who died in the car crash in Bulgaria, on Friday morning, were most likely heading to Borovets mountain resort, because they had their ski equipment with, Romania’s Consul to Bulgaria Marius Dilof told.

The Romanian diplomat went to the accident’s site to find out the personal data of the five Romanian victims, and offer consular assistance in the limits of his competence. Dilof opines the crash occurred either because high speed or driver’s fatigue. The victims have not been identified yet, and the moves have been going on slowly because the police failed reading the car’s number plate.

The car was a Dacia Logan that, for still obscure reasons was skidding to the wrong lane, frontally hitting a Bulgarian long-vehicle. The crash happened at about 8:30 a.m. on the road connecting Sofia and Samokov, nearby Borovets. A Samokov-based Police Inspectorate official failed supplying any data either about the age of the victims or about which of the two drivers involved in the crash was guilty of the mishap.
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