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CJ Tulcea Chairman to participate in meeting of Political Bureau of Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CRPM)

Chairman of the Tulcea County (eastern Romania) Council Victor Tarhon starting on Sunday will participate in the works of the Political Bureau of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CRPM) in Europe, representing the five Romanian counties members of this international body.

According to a press release of the Tulcea County Council (CJ), Victor Tarhon became a full member of the Political Bureau of CRPM following elections in October 2008 at the General Assembly held in Bayonne, France. The five Romanian counties members of this body are Caras Severin, Calarasi, Constanta, Galati and Tulcea.

‘The agenda of this week’s meeting of the Political Bureau of CRPM includes such topics of a general interests for the newly European structure, like the EU budget and the future of European cohesion, participation of the regions in development policies after 2014, external cooperation at European level and worldwide.

Also, during the two days of debate, the members of the Political Bureau will discuss topics of interest for the European regions such as energy and environment, agriculture, maritime challenges, the synergy between regional policy and EU policies on innovation and research,’ reads the aforementioned release.
Also, Victor Tarhon will present the activity of the Balkan and the Black Sea Regional Commission, which functions under the CRPM. Tulcea became a member of CRPM since 2001, when it joined such other 161 regions in 28 countries.

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