Fencing: Rares Dumitrescu, ranking 3rd in sabre event at International Fencing Tournament in Russia

Romanian fencer Rares Dumitrescu ranked 3rd in men’s sabre event at the International Fencing Tournament in Russia, after being defeated in semifinals by Hungarian Zsolt Nemcsik, 15-14.

In the first round of the competition, Dumitrescu won against Russian Matvei Matuskin, 15-7, then passed Chinese Wang Jingzhi, 15-10. In the round of sixteen, he defeated Hungarian Aron Szilagyi, 15-11, and won in the quarterfinals, 15-13, against Italian Marco Tricarico. In the final, Zsolt Nemcsik defeated South Korean Oh Eun Seok, 15-12.


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