Romania is going to adopt EU decision on body scanners

Romania will comply with the common position adopted across the European Union, on security at airports and the introduction of body scanners, with the Romanian authorities agreeing in principle these measures need be taken, since the security of the citizens is the most important of all things, Marin Anton, Secretary of State for Transport and Infrastructure told, after the end of the informal spring meeting of European transport ministers, held in A Coruna.

‘Romania will wait for the adoption of the common stand at EU level (related to placing body scanners at airports), and will comply with it,’ said the Romanian official, specifying that, in the absence of other solutions, the general tendency is to introduce these scanners. ‘ Common views of ministers and secretaries of state at the meeting were in favour of waiting for a EU decision. This was only a preparatory sitting, following that from these discussions to result a common position and an action plan in June, to be decided upon by the Council of transport ministers,’ said Marin Anton.

According to the Spanish Development Minister, Jose Blanco, who chaired the meeting in A Coruna, European Commission agreed, following a proposal shared by all ministers attending this meeting, on the need of a report to be presented in April on measures to consider passengers’ health and privacy, like ‘ destroying the images (captured by scanners), training of the staff at the airport, forbidding such selective controls, depending on race, sex, or something else – with all these measures to function in fact as a code of conduct to ensure the people’s right to privacy.

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