10 percent of total auto parts sold in Romania are counterfeit

Counterfeit auto spare parts traded in Romania account for 10 percent of the total products market and caused damage to the Dacia-Renault Group amounting to five million euros in 2009, Renault Romania quality and services manager Jean Francois Martin told a press conference on Monday.

“In 2009, out of the total local auto parts market, around ten percent of the products were counterfeit. This means that for Dacia-Renault Group the loss amounted to five million euros. This way, there is the risk that the amount would reach ten percent of the turnover,” said Martin.
According to the most recent data presented during the event organized by Renault Romania, over a year and a half, between 2008 and 2009, the border police, in cooperation with the National Customs Authority, captured almost 25,000 counterfeit products destined to the Dacia car make.

In his turn, director of the Bucharest Customs Regional Directorate Dorel Fronea said that out of the 70 million products seized throughout 2009 (up by 250 percent compared to 2008), counterfeit auto parts represented below one percent. Official information say that most of the seized auto parts came from China, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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