Agent Green asks MON810 maize to be banned

Agent Green asks Environment Minister Borbely Laszlo to protect the health of the people and the environment, and have the imports and the growth of the genetically modified maize MON810 banned.

The claim relies on the presumption that the genetically modified maize MON810 presents signs of toxicity for the kidneys and the liver and it negatively biases the heart, the suprarenal glands and the spleen, reads a study on mice conducted by the universities of Rouen and Caen, Agent Green NGO informs.

The NGO investigating the crimes against the environment also says that it has promoted the ads published in the Romanian media expressing the intent of recruiting the pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, as volunteers to have MON 810 maize’s toxicity tasted on them, but it denies it would have started testing it on humans.
The sole goal of the ads was to warn the Environment Minister that MON810 is for sale in Romania and expectant mothers or those feeding their babies on breast milk might just eat it, reads the Agent Green’s release on Monday.

According to Agent Green, Bulgaria announced last week the introduction of a 5-year moratorium on growing genetically modified organisms (GMO), six EU countries banned the MON810 corn and more 15 does not cultivate it. As much as 10,572 ha of Romania’s cropland was grown in MON810, over the past three years.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) gave its assent to the EU Commission to propose the EU countries to renew the authorization they had been granted in 1998 for import and growing MON810 maize.

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