ANSVSA representatives prepare development of biogas stations

Romanian specialists are currently discussing with specialists from Germany and the Netherlands about preparing biogas stations in Romania, as part of a European project.

Vice-president of the National Medical Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) Corneliu Ceica said on Monday that Romanian specialists would get acquainted with the way in which the biogas stations producing energy from the animal waste were authorized and operated in the neighbouring countries.

Ceica explained that animal waste could no longer be thrown away in the fields, and by means of such biostations, which have been operating quite well in Germany and in the Netherlands for 8 years, electric power was produced as well as fertilizers for farmlands, also having an environment-friendly component by reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions.
There are already some Romanian investors interested in such biostations. Ceica explained that for taking all the measures for the operation of such biostations, a meeting of the Agriculture Ministry, Environment Ministry and Government representatives was needed in order to clarify all aspects.

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