Blaga and Filat symbollicaly cut barbed wire fence between Romania and Republic of Moldova

Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat on Monday invited Romanian Minister of Administration and Interior Vasile Blaga to symbolically cut a piece of barbed wire fence at the border between Moldova and Romania.

The Romanian Minister took with him a few pieces from the fence, saying he will bring a piece to President Traian Basescu too. In his turn, the Moldovan Prime Minister appreciated the fence represented more than a mere symbol, with its demolition marking a return to normal in the Republic of Moldova, while also reiterating the country’s desire to join the European Union.

The invitation extended by the Moldovan Premier to the Romanian Minister, to cut a piece of the barbed wire fence, came after Filat and Blaga inaugurated together a new border checkpoint between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, in the area of Radauti (Romania) and Lipcani (Moldova) localities. Prime Minister Vlad Filat became the first citizen of the Republic of Moldova who used the new checkpoint to enter Romania.

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