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ForMin Baconschi suggests Romanian-Canadian business forum

Romanian Foreign Minister on Monday welcomed Canadian ambassador in Bucharest Philippe Beaulne, to whom he reiterated that Romania and Canada should jointly organise a business forum that will boost the interest of Canadian businesspeople in investing in Romania, the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) reports.

The suggestion is said to have been well received by Beaulne, who voiced full readiness to getting involved, along with the relevant Romanian institutions, in making the forum happen, the MAE says. The business forum should mainly focus on a host of excellence areas of the economies of both countries, such as energy.
The two officials highlighted the excellent quality of the bilateral relationship between Romania and Canada, which is said to have been proved including by close cooperation in the Afghan theatre of operations, and agreed to further consolidate it.

Baconschi and Beaulne indicated that consultations at the level of working groups should also continue on matters of common interest on the world agenda, such as the New Strategic Concept of NATO and the reform of the US Security Council.

In this context, the Canadian ambassador hailed the signature on February 8 of a consultancy and engineering contract between the Atomic Energy of Canada and EnergoNuclear of Romania, which, according to the MAE, is an important stage in the Romanian-Canadian cooperation in the area of nuclear energy, both in terms of building unit 3 and 4 of the Romanian nuclear-power plant of Cernavoda, with Canadian participation, and in terms of carrying out joint projects on third markets.

Baconschi also reiterated Romania’s special interest in lifting, as soon as possible, the visa requirements on Romanian nationals wanting to travel to Canada, saying that the lift would be a natural gesture that would confirm the special quality of the bilateral relationship between Romania and Canada. Beaulne confirmed the attention attached by Ottawa officials to this aspect, underscoring the importance of bilateral conversations continuing on this matter.
The meeting was also an opportunity to exchange views on themes of common interest that are topical on the world agenda, with emphasis on the Eastern neighbourhood of Romania.

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