ForMin Teodor Baconschi meets Chinese Ambassador in Romania

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi on Monday met the Chinese Ambassador in Romania, Liu Zengwen, the two officials addressing, among other issues, the need to equalise the balance of trade between the countries, which is clearly favouring China right now, reads a release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The two officials also discussed the overall development of relations between Romania and China and the also reviewed the topics on the 2010 bilateral agenda.

The head of Romanian diplomacy evoked ‘ the very best traditional character of the Romanian-Chinese relations, while also appreciating the great sympathy China has always shown to Romania.
In this context, Theodore Baconschi told Ambassador Liu Zengwen about Romania’s interest to jointly identify with China a mutually beneficial set of strategic objectives to be aimed mainly at the intensification of bilateral trade, equalising trade balance, which is now clearly favouring China, as well as at increasing the presence of Chinese investors in Romanian economy, particularly in the major infrastructure projects.


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