Gov’t accused of stimulating hallucinogenic plants sales until stocks depletion

The International Centre for Anti-drug and Human Rights (CIADO) accuses the Romanian Government of stimulating the sales of hallucinogenic plants until the forbidden stocks are depleted, by the ten- day deadline given the traders to destroy them.

‘The hallucinogenic plants stores have introduced 30-50 percent price discounts as well as promotional offers in order to get rid of the stocks, continuing to trade products, such as ‘ special gold’, which contains mephedrone. The tactical measures are meant to stimulate sales until the depletion of the stocks, before publishing the Emergency Governmental Ordinance under which the Government banned the trading of 36 substances and hallucinogenic plants, deemed as drugs, in the Official Gazette,’ a CIADO release sent to the press informs.

The organisation pointed out that it took notice of this situation after supervising the trade in such hallucinogenic plants in 42 stores. The Government decided to ban 36 substances and plants, considered drugs, during the meeting held last week. With regard to the existing stocks, at the moment of the enforcement of the law, the Health Ministry granted an intermediary deadline, so that the substances should be destroyed according to legal provisions.


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