Minister of Finance attends ECOFIN on Tuesday

Minister of Public Finance Sebastian Vladescu on Tuesday, in Brussels, attends the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union member states (ECOFIN).

The Council will present revised recommendations in connection with the measures taken by Lithuania, Malta and Romania for correcting their excessive budget deficits and will assess the measures taken by Latvia, Hungary and Poland for reducing the excessive budget deficits of these three countries. The Council will also examine the economic and budget situation in Greece.

The economics and finance ministers will notify the authorities in Athens to take measures for correcting the budget deficit within the established span of time and will adopt an opinion on the stability programme presented by Greece in January.
They will make a recommendation to the Greek authorities referring to the coherence of the economic policy with the guidelines of the economic policy of the EU. The meeting on Tuesday is preceded by the informal meeting of the finance minsters in the countries of the eurozone (Eurogroup) on Monday.

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