Moldovan citizens living near border to enter Romania without visas

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova living within 50 kilometres at most from the border with Romania will be able to enter this country without a passport, said Minister of Administration and the Interior Vasile Blaga on Monday.

According to him, the Moldovan citizens will be able to enter Romania on the basis of a special permit, in keeping with the legislation of the European Union.
The Minister made the above-mentioned statement at Lipcani when the new cross-border point between Radauti Prut and Lipcani was inaugurated, Moldovan Premier Vlad Filat attending.

“Today, after 66 years, the citizens of the two related countries can cross the border at this point. This point, like the other ones, will make it possible for the Moldovan citizens living in an area of up to 50 kilometres from the border to cross from one side to another without any visa, using only small-traffic permits, in keeping with the European legislation,” said Blaga. The measure mentioned before is to be applied starting on March 31.

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