Over 2,000 companies enter insolvency in Jan

Over 2,000 companies entered insolvency in the first month of 2010, compared to Dec. last year, while 18,421 companies were declared insolvent in 2009, National Trade Registry Office (ONRC) reports.

As many as 238 insolvent companies were from Bucharest, 146 from Cluj (central), 125 from ConstantA (south east) and 112 from Timisoara (west), in Jan. 2010, the Ziarul financiar informs. The smallest number of insolvencies was registered in Covasna (central) – 3 cases and in Calarasi (south) – 9, ONRC data say.
In terms of the company’s activity field, most insolvent companies, in Jan, were trade companies – 40 percent of the total, and 15 percent each for the building and the processing industry, and 5 percent were real estate companies.

The number of companies that entered insolvency in 2009 grew by 25 percent compared to 14,724 insolvent companies in 2008. The largest number of insolvencies was registered during the last two months of the last year, 2,115 in Nov. and 1,879 in Dec., respectively. Bucharest scored the largest number of insolvent companies 2,109, last year. About one million companies were operational in Romania in end 2009.

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