Over 3,500 employees of public energy companies to be dismissed in 2010

As many as 3,545 employees of eight energy companies that are subordinated to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment will be dismissed in 2010, according to a Government resolution published on Monday in the Official Gazette.

The largest number of dismissals are provided for by the Compania Nationala a Huilei SA in Petrosani (southern Romania): 1,600 collective dismissals throughout this year. As many as 500 employees will be dismissed from Electrocentrale SA in Bucharest, and 300 employees from each of the following: Societatea Nationala a Lignitului Oltenia SA in Targu Jiu (southern Romania), Termoelectrica SA in Bucharest and SC Electrocentrale SA in Bucharest.

The Turceni Energy Complex and the Rovinari Energy Complex will dismiss 250 and 200 workers respectively. Likewise, the Autonomous Authority for Nuclear Activities will dismiss 95 workers in 2010, according to the above-mentioned document. The eight companies mentioned before have dismissal and restructuring programmes till 2012.

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