Parliament Palace, 20,000 visitors on Sunday

Approximately 20,000 Romanian and foreign citizens have visited on Sunday the Palace of Parliament within an event meant to make known the biggest administrative building in the world under the “Open Parliament” slogan, in contrast with Saturday when only 6,000 people visited it.

Since the first hours in the morning people visited the Chamber of Deputies headquarters and the circuit included several representative halls – “I.I.C. Bratianu”, “Take Ionescu”, “Unirii”, “Al.I.Cuza”, “Spiru Haret”, “Nicolae Iorga”, “Nicolae Balcescu”, “Honorary Gallery”, as well as some spaces not included usually in the visiting circuit, among which the cabinet of the Chamber of Deputies Speaker, the plenary hall, “I.G.Duca” official hall and “Mihai Viteazu” hall.

Present in this event, the Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase served as a guide to visitors, offering information on the legislative process and answering the questions related to the activity of this forum.
“It is a first when after just two hours since the Parliament opened more than 4,000 visitors were registered. This open door event also represents a promotion action. A lot of foreigners coming to Bucharest wish to visit the Palace of Parliament and we must take care to facilitate it in order to have as many visitors as possible”, said Roberta Anastase.

The event started on Saturday when the groups of visitors were met by Roberta Anastase and Democrat Liberal deputy Cezar Preda. The two lawmakers made the tour alongside visitors, offering explanations for each visited unit, as well as on their activity in the Parliament. The Palace of Parliament was declared the biggest administrative building in the world, the most expensive administrative building and the heaviest building in the world, being included three times in the Guiness Book of Records.

The Palace of Parliament (also known as the People’s House prior to 1989) measures 270 meters per 240 meters, is 86 meter high and has a foundation of 92 meters. It has 12 levels above the ground and eight underground ones.

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