Predoiu: Legal system needs another 1,500 judges and prosecutors

Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu told RFI on Monday that roughly 1,500 more judges and prosecutors were needed in the legal system at present, and some of the jobs might be unblocked depending on the economic results until the end of the year.

According to Predoiu, Romania faces problems related to deadlines and the legal procedures duration for a number of reasons, one of these being the judges’ workload, which might involve an increase in the number of magistrates and court clerks.
‘Given the estimations made by the Superior Council of Magistracy, we are talking about a rough number of 1,500 judges and prosecutors needed in the legal system. I believe a first intervention would be welcome, somewhere between 500-1,000 jobs until the end of this year, plus a couple of hundreds of clerks.

If we manage to reach this objective by the end of the year, we can start preparing the legal system for the codes implementation,’ stated Predoiu. He also added that Romania registered a series of progresses since the last European Commission report, but that ‘inevitably, last year’s budgetary limits and the political crisis left a trace on the reforms pace.’

Predoiu stressed that the deadlines are not so long, in the case of some of the procedures, Romania being now closer to a ‘reasonable deadline’, while related to the legal act he added that there was a preoccupation for European Law and ECHR case law application. The minister believes that, on long- and medium-term, the executive and legislative authorities must assume justice as a priority and preserve it like a permanent priority, not ‘discontinuously or with stage objectives.’
He also talked about the new reform strategy completed by the Justice Ministry in the field, for which the European Commission’s interim report is expected, in order to see if there are any additional recommendations.

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