Radauti-Lipcani Bridge opens at Romania’s border with Republic of Moldova

The Radauti¬Lipcani checkpoint located north on Romania’s border with the Republic of Moldova was inaugurated in the presence of the Moldovan Premier Vlad Filat and Romania’s Minister of Administration and the Interior Vasile Blaga, on Monday.

The opening of the Bridge was one of the topics on the agenda of the Romanian-Moldovan relations, over the past two years, the former communist authorities in Chisinau having kept insisting on it and accusing the Romanian side of purposely delaying the action. Romania’s Government, on Feb 5, approved the allocation of 585,000 lei for bridge’s opening and for the border checkpoint and the customs office to become operational at Radauti Prut-Lipcani. The customs office will temporarily work in eight modular buildings.

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