Romania – highest price rise in fuel, in Europe

The rise in the price of the gasoline sold in Romania was the highest compared to all the EU member countries, in 2009, European statistics say.
Thus, according to the data, the gasoline’s price went up by round 38 percent, over Jan-Dec 2009, which means double compared to the average price rise in Europe, the Ziarul financiar writes on Monday.

With such a percentage, the price rise in Romania tops that in countries such as Germany or France, where the oil imports cover over 90 percent of the consumption, compared to Romania which imports about half of the oil it uses, the remainder being locally made.
The rise was calculated compared to the price level at the pump on Dec 21 and Jan 12, 2009. The oil barrel’s price went up double during 2009, after it cost about 35-40 USD at the beginning and reached 80 USD in the end of the same year. One liter of petroleum cost a bit less than 1 euro, late in 2009.

Slovenia comes the second with 34.8 percent, after Romania, in terms of price rises for gasoline. The Netherlands comes at the opposite pole, the petroleum’s price growing by 7.9 percent only, over Jan.-Dec 2009, vs. the European average attaining round 17.4 percent. Despite the rises, Romania is the country with the cheapest fuel. It is in Bulgaria only that it sells cheaper than in the local market. The price rise has not been so abrupt for the diesel oil, which grew by 11.1 percent in Romania in 2009, which meant however twice higher than in the EU.


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