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Adrian Nastase: Ion Iliescu’s withdrawal, a gesture of protest similar to me withdrawing my candidature

Ion Iliescu’s withdrawal as honorary chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), in the opposition, is a gesture of protest and the sound of an alarm over the fact that a group of the party’s members convening in clandestine night meetings cannot become a foundation for the necessary change in the party’s direction, Chairman of the PSD National Council Adrian Nastase told on Tuesday.

‘Ion Iliescu’s withdrawal is a gesture of protest similar to me withdrawing my bid for the party’s chairmanship,’ said Nastase. He added that Iliescu’s decision is also a gesture of personal disappointment with the talks on Monday at the convention of the PSD National Executive Committee as well as with the talks over the past days about the direction toward which the party has been headed for of late.

‘He was highly disappointed yesterday at the Executive Committee meeting by the fact that the commonsense argument concerning certain changes suggested in the statutes did not pass the block vote of those who clearly had their small package of decisions prepared at home. This decision, I believe, is mainly a form of protest, the same as my way of refusing to run for the PSD chairmanship.

At the same time, this is also the sound of an alarm, because it somehow feels like a group of citizens wants, on behalf of a list that would be voted on in corpora, to occupy all the party’s offices. Ultimately, what they do is aggression that cannot be tolerated in the name of the basic principles that has kept the PSD working for 20 years,’ said Nastase.
He also denounced what he called ‘the idea of an institution functioning merely on a list agreed upon by a group of people in clandestine night meetings.’ Such an idea, he added, will be no foundation for the direction the PSD needs.


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