As many as 20,000 housing units planned to be sold in one year

The Ministry of Tourism and Regional Development is contemplating selling 20,000 housing units built by the National Housing Agency (ANL) to the tenants in one year, Minister of Tourism and Regional Development Elena Udrea told a news conference on Tuesday.

‘We hope to sell 20,000 out of 26,000 ANL housing units in one year. We may not sell them all, but al least we are trying under this programme to boost the buying of the housing units by the ANL tenants so that we may build 100,000 more such units in three years,’ said Udrea. The price for one ANL housing unit is computed against its current replacement value minus the value of amortisations accrued between hire and sale, said Udrea.

‘We will discuss at tomorrow’s meeting of the Government an ordinance amending Law 152, in an attempt to facilitate access of young ANL tenants to buying their housing units. The ordinance modifies the criteria on those wanting to buy such units. Our wish is that those who can afford and qualify to use to this end the First Home programme,’ said Udrea.

She added that the tenancy length qualifying such tenants to buy their home will be cut down from three to one year. ‘The ordinance will also mention the elimination of income requirements, and the applicant’s income should not exceed double the average industrial wage. The price for the housing units will also be set against fixed criteria nationwide,’ said Udrea.

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