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As many as 270 stores selling hallucinogenic plants, searched across the country

As many as 270 ‘ dream shops’ selling hallucinogenic plants throughout the country, which were found open, have been searched starting on Monday, the date when marketing and consumption of hallucinogenic plants was banned.

According to a release by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, there were confiscated products worth more than RON 1.5 million, to be checked in the lab and then destroyed. There were seized 74.6 kilograms of substance, 131 tablets, 1,826 envelopes containing various substances, 300 cigarettes and 10 ml of a liquid substance and there were given 12 penalties worth RON 45,500.

More than 1,400 policemen in combating organised crime, keeping public order and investigating fraud, as well as commissioners of the Financial Guard and Department of Public Health inspectors have began on Monday to search the ‘ dream stores’. IGPR mentioned that, out of the 400 units identified, 336 were traditional stores, the rest being virtual shops or just storage spaces for hallucinogenic plants.

The Emergency Ordinance on the prevention and combating of illicit trafficking and drug consumption, which completed the law on the legal status of plants, substances and preparation of psychotropic drugs, was published in the Official Gazette on Monday. The trades were given a ten-day deadline to destroy the stocks of substances and hallucinogenic plants. The government decided at last week’s sitting to prohibit 36 substances and plants, deemed as drugs.

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