Business environment proposes National Register to be set up for State’s debts

The Romanian Banking Association (ARB) and the representative associations of the business environment propose a National Register to be set up in 60 days, at the longest, where one can find the debts the State owes to the companies and the deadlines when they have to be paid back, reads an ARB release.

The Romanian Banking Association (ARB), the Association of Romanian Businesspeople (AOAR) and the National Association of Romanian Importers and Exporters (ANEIR) opine that the Register will contribute to the increase in the transparency of the activity of the central and the local authorities and will enhance the reliability degree of the banking system vs. the companies’ activity, particularly in terms of the examination of the latter’s business and credit worthiness when they are granted loans, or when the payments are rescheduled.

The three associations have assessed the main difficulties hampering the business environment’s activity, the steps to be taken to support the companies, particularly through reinvigorating the loans as a base for resuming the economic growth, even starting 2010.
In the context, the associations think that the central and the local public authorities should find solutions to pay off, in 90 days, at the longest, the arrears the State is in debt to the companies, and it will go on the strict observance of the anti-crisis measures that the EU Commission promotes, stipulating that the State must pay back its debts to the companies in 30 days, at the longest.

Likewise, ARB, AOAR and ANEIR claim tangible and transparent steps to be taken regarding the fast and efficient use of the Government’s capability to guarantee banking credits required to co-finance the public or the private projects, which agreements with the Management Authorities are reached with.
Thus, the three associations ask the list of the projects benefiting from such guarantees and their values to be posted on the Finance Ministry’s web page.

ARB, AOAR and ANEIR agree it is important for the business environment, the banking system and the society to continue finding measures, which the Government, the Finance Ministry, the commercial banks and the companies can take, so that in the sensitive economic context when some powerful economies of the European Union have been recovering, Romania should turn into a good account its potential of resuming the economic growth.


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