Emil Boc: PNL is being ‘swallowed’ by the left wing

Leader of the Liberal Democratic (PD-L), Prime Minister Emil Boc, on Tuesday criticised the National Liberal Party (PNL), accusing it of getting too close to the political left and estranged from the doctrine of the right wing.

In this context, Prime Minister reminded Liberal leader Crin Antonescu other political leaders too have tried to destroy the Democratic Party, but all that they succeeded was to help it get the power. ‘We see every day how the Liberal Party is taking distance from the right wing and is being swallowed by the left.

As regards what Mr. Antonescu’s said he would try to destroy the Democratic Party, I want to remind him there were other political leaders too in this country, who wanted the same thing, but they did nothing else but helping us to have the government, the Prime Minister and the President,’ said Boc, at a meeting of the Institute for Popular Studies.

Liberal Democrat chief also said that Antonescu and the others political leaders who wanted to destroy PD-L have not learned anything from political experience.
‘Thus, I think that – beyond the deeply undemocratic nature, as your party leader to propose to destroy another party on the political stage of a rule of law state – I think that if you have not learned anything from past mistakes, belonging to other political leaders, it means that past history means nothing and that you have larnt nothign from experience,’ said the Premier.
PNL leader Crin Antonescu previously told Antena 3 TV Channel that he wanted to push the Democratic Party dissolved, as long as democratic rules are observed.

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