Emil Boc seeks uninominal vote revision, by all means

Current uninominal vote system must be corrected, by all means, namely that a parliamentary seat should be won by the candidate with the highest number of votes in a certain constituency, stated on Monday President of the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L, at rule) Premier Emil Boc.

“The uninominal vote represented a progress, but it is insufficiently regulated and failed to bring the entire benefit to the Romanian political system. The one who gets the highest number of votes must be elected, otherwise the citizen’s will is infringed. That failure must be corrected, by all means”, stated the Prime Minister quoted on Ziare.com site.

As such, the Democrat Liberal leader said he was in favor of the elimination of the redistribution system of the deputy and senator seats in the constituencies where no candidate succeeded to get more than half of the votes. Boc underlined it is not fair for a challenger ranking second or third in a constituency to get the lawmaker seat, and the “one ranking first to be forced to step aside”.

Recently, leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in opposition) deputies Viorel Hrebenciuc said that the Social Democrats and the Democrat Liberals carried out unofficial talks on the change of the Electoral law.
“The Electoral laws need a lot of work, this is not a simple amendment. Unofficial talks took place between PSD and PD-L on the change of the voting system”, said the Social Democrat.

He maintained he was an adept of keeping on the current method through which the votes are re-distributed based on the current law. In his opinion, in the case of a change in the vote redistribution system, the National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) would no longer be represented in the Parliament. “PSD did not agree with this change and I think that further we will be against a change in the voting system.

Those from PD-L know I do not agree with such a change and approached me to this end. But it was not an official matter. PD-L position is well known, they want an uninominal, majority system in two rounds. Or, this majority system in two rounds is against PNL”, explained Hrebenciuc.
In 2007 President Traian Basescu proposed through a referendum the introduction of an uninominal electoral system in two rounds, based on a majority, so that in a constituency where no candidate gets more than 50 percent + 1 of the votes the candidates ranking first and second have to dispute the seat in a second, decisive, voting round.

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