Ion Iliescu limits his participation in PSD activities

Social Democratic Party (PSD) honorary chairman Ion Iliescu announced on Tuesday that he wanted to limit his attending certain activities of the party, thus renouncing the tasks conferred by the position of this party’s honorary chairman.

Ion Iliescu declared himself to be mainly dissatisfied with the team formula, voted for on Monday by the National Executive Committee, which he believes to be harmful and dangerous for a party like PSD. “We are united by a common belief and not by the loyalty towards a certain leader,” Ion Iliescu told Antena 3 TV station.

On the other hand, the Social Democrat honorary chairman said that he had stopped operating as “a tank engine for PSD for a long time” and underlined that he would not totally detach himself from this political group. With respect to the new party statutes, Ion Iliescu indicated that “they risk changing PSD into a confrontation of groups, which fight among themselves and which mean a source of irreconcilable divides.”

PSD vice-chairman Ilie Sarbu also told on Tuesday that he withdrew from all the positions that he holds within the party, ie from Mircea Geoana’s team. Ilie Sarbu added that he would no longer run for the position of chairman for PSD in Timis County (western Romania), a position that he is currently holding. He said that he took such a decision only for to family reasons.

“I would not like to be an obstacle for Victor Ponta,” said Sârbu. Ilie Sarbu said that he would neither be on Victor Ponta’s lists at the PSD Extraordinary Congress on Saturday, where Ponta will run for the party chairmanship. He underlined that he wanted to stay a simple member of the party and a senator by the end of his mandate.

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