Ministry launches campaign to raise awareness about danger posed by nutrients

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry on Monday launched a nationwide awareness campaign on the Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control, a five-year project, a ministry press release informs.

The project started in 2008, to be implemented till 2013, and was supported by the World Bank (WB) and financed by the Romanian Government from a 50 million euro loan granted by the WB and a 5.5 million dollar financial non-reimbursable aid from the Global Environment Facility.
According to the ministry, the overall objective of the project is to support the Romanian Government to meet the EU Nitrates Directive requirements by reducing nutrient discharges into waters, promoting behavioural changes at the regional level and strengthening institutional and regulatory capacity.

The global environmental objective is the long-term reduction of the nutrient discharges into the waters flowing into the Danube and the Black Sea, through an integrated water-soil management.
The awareness campaign the Environment Ministry launched set forth to make the activities carried out within the project popular, not only at national level but also at water catchment areas’ level.

This campaign aims to implement investments at country-town level in about 86 places vulnerable to nitrates pollution from ten water catchment areas; to support the institutional development and capacity building; to conduct a public awareness strategy and replicate the project interventions.

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