Prosecutor General orders criminal investigation of former minister Ridzi

Romania’s Prosecutor General Laura Corduta Kovesi has sent to the Chamber of Deputies a request from the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) ordering the commencement of the procedure that will start off a criminal investigation of former Minister of Youth and Sport Monica Iacob Ridzi.

The prosecutors are requesting the investigation for abuse of office against public interest; intellectual forgery in relation to corruption misdeeds; use of forgery, and improper participation in accounting frauds.
The General Prosecution Office reports in a press release issued on Tuesday that the file drawn on Ridzi includes clues to Ridzi having defrauded the budget of her ministry, in her capacity as the minister of youth and sports April-June 2009, by acquiring electronics that are not covered in Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2009 concerning public procurement.

There are also clues that in order to violate the legal provisions mentioned above, Ridzi would have drawn up and made other draw up documents falsely attesting to the legal conditions for public procurement and goods reception having been fulfilled.

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase on Tuesday confirmed that she received the request of the general prosecutor ordering the commencement of a criminal investigation of former Minister of Youth and Sport Monica Iacob-Ridzi. ‘Yes, I have received the letter and I will forward the letter to the secretary general so that it may be discussed at the meeting next Monday of the Standing Bureau,’ Anastase told.

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